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After a life changing medical event in 2011 Melisa started writing as a way not only communicate but to put her thoughts and dreams in order. Not a year later she would meet the man who would inspire her to not only continue to write but to seek to publish her work. After a year of writing the birth of , “Of Lite and Darke” would begin to begin to take hold. In early 2016 She would ready for print?>
Hello! My name is Alyssa. I'm 15 and self-published my first book last year.?>
MGD is a true Hoosier. Born and raised in Southern Indiana, with a love of classic books, that can span generations. With this in mind The Marcus Series was born, and several short stories, at least so far. Soon to add to the collection and with a desire that every reader can delight in the books of MGD- status- currently writing.?>