Genna's Fight

Genna's Fight: Will She Be Able to Discover Her True Self& Get Her Son Back In Time? by Sheldon D. Newton begins in a way so that the reader can't help but keep reading. The hook is very powerful:"I am divorcing you Genna. You are leaving my house tonight, and you are leaving alone. You will not be taking Samuel with you. He is staying with me. You will not be carrying anything but the clothes on your back..." The story starts right in the middle of a dramatic situation. Genna,who has suffered all forms of abuses, is getting the hardest blow of her life: her current husband is divorcing her and he does so in the clearest and harshest of terms. She'll leave with nothing, but what hurts most is that she might not leave with her only child, Samuel. This time, will she allow any man to trample on her dignity or will she stand up for herself and the one person she loves the most -- her son? This is a story that will bring tears to the eyes of readers, a story fraught with realism that speaks of the pain that millions of women suffer behind closed doors. But it is a story of a woman's journey to real freedom. The main characters are well-developed, each conceived with a powerful role in mind, and readers will enjoy both the villain and the victim. Tom is a mean and disrespectful, controlling freak and the reader wants to know if Genna will ever have her chance to kick him like he kicked her when she moved out of his house. The writing is excellent and it allows the author's voice to come through with great force and power. Genna's Fight is a moving story that is character-driven and that masterfully deals with the themes of violence, domestic abuse, and freedom. I enjoyed every bit of this story. Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

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