The Fire in the Rock: A Novel of the Exodus

The Fire in the Rock is the story of the Exodus from Egypt, as told by Tzipporah, the widow of Moses -- the last eyewitness.  She tells of her childhood and youth in the land of Midyan, living at the foot of the Mountain of God; and she tells us of Moses, her husband and the father of her children.  Moses -- whose birth name was not Moses -- was Prophet and Lawgiver, but we learn that he was much more; he was Tzipporah's husband and lover and the father of her children.  She tells of their dramatic meeting, their courtship and wedding, and of the extraordinary events that followed.  We learn that Moses was in many ways an ordinary man; a profoundly humble, and troubled, man, who had at last found peace in the desert with Tzipporah and their sons.  But, after a transcendent experience on the Mountain before the Fire of God -- and because of his many and uniquely varied experiences -- Moses found himself able to seize an opportunity to free his people, and compelled, almost against his will, to become the Lawgiver.  We learn, too, of Tzipporah's own astonishing part in these world-changing events. This is not a book of 'signs and wonders'; I write of Moses and Tzipporah as real people with a real, human relationship. Indeed, the book has been described (by Kirkus Reviews) as 'a powerful, focused love story that may perhaps be more appealing to seekers than believers'; As for the 'religious' aspect -- Moses himself is filled with uncertainty and doubt till the end of his life. The central inspiration of the book was, in fact, this simple question, 'What if Moses were just an ordinary man?'

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