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John was born in Deniliquin, NSW Australia, 27 July 1961. He spent his first 38 years as a traditional sign writer. However, his trade fell to the advancement of technology, and was forced to seek other forms of employment. This was when he decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of writing his own science fiction stories.?>
My story surviving abuse, forgiving my abusers with Gods grace and love. ?>
DR. PETER G. HILTON JD BIOGRAPHY Dr. Peter G. Hilton JD, is a Licensed Private Investigator and Security Patrol Operator in California and has been licensed since 1985, with over 30 years of Investigative and Security experience. In 2003 he graduated from the Abraham Lincoln University School of Law obtaining his doctorate in law with Honors (Cum Laude). He is also a National Rifle Association and California State Certified Firearms and Chemical Agent Instructor. He is certified as a Use of Force Expert in California and has testified in State Criminal, Civil and Administrative Courts for Plaintiffs and Defendants as well as City and District Attorneys, as well as teaching classes for the California Bail Agents Association and Department of insurance involving Private Persons Arrest, Use of Force and the correct procedures for bounty hunters and Bail Agents to make arrests of Defendants who flee from bail, and making himself over 3,000 arrest of people who were at large after failing to appear at court on bail. In 1999 he was instrumental in writing the Bounty Hunter laws under 1299 of the California Penal code to regulate bounty hunters in California and their training, as well as defining the minimum training needed for Use of Force to arrest persons at large After failing to appear at court on bail. He is also employed as a Lieutenant with the Los Angeles City Department of Transportation, Division of Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control, and ran the Special Enforcement Unit in 2007, which was awarded the International Parking Association (IPA) Award for introducing License Plate Recognition Technology to enhance productivity and capture vehicles owing outstanding parking fines as well as locating Abandoned and Stolen Vehicles and received commendations for City Council persons and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for his work and of the officers under his command. He is a graduate of the LAPD Leadership and Command School; formerly known as the West Point Leadership Academy, an intense specialized, police academy college course of 135 disciplines in Leadership and Behavioral Science, which invites selected Law enforcement officers from around the country and world to attend. He is also trained and certified in the National Incident Command Structure (ICS) and FEMA related courses for disasters and Rapid Response of personnel to the field. Early in his Career he joined the British Parachute Regiment with service in Northern Ireland in 1974, as well as the Greater Manchester Police Department in 1976, he came to California in 2003 after the death of his first wife from cancer in 1982, and he worked for the Broadway and Bullocks Department stores as an undercover detective and Security Manager, attaining one of the highest arrest records for shoplifters and employee theft related cases. His collaboration with Dr. James A. Kholos started in 2012 when both met and decided to write this book, explain the elements of Philosophy, Operation and Function which relate to the psychology of people's minds when they decide to do something in Security. ?>