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Andy Lang was born in the north west of England in 1965 and worked in the early years as an engineer in an agricultural manufacturing company, moving from the United Kingdom in the late 1990's he subsequently spent many years in the entertainment industry in Cataluña, Northern Spain and property sales in Andalucia, Southern Spain, he is currently an Independent Financial Advisor in East Africa. Over the years he has travelled extensively and has lived in Spain, the west of France, Brazil, Kenya and South Africa. He currently lives with his wife and their young son in Uganda. ?>
Hi everybody my name is Adam Tilsley. I was born in the UK and for the past year I have been living my dream and travelling around South East Asia. Like everybody who takes this step I'm having the time of my life! It was a risk for me because I gave up a good, well paid job but I knew its what I wanted to do. Anyway, the time was rapidly approaching where I was going to run out of money and use the last of it to go home, to reality. I knew it was way to early for me and if I wanted to continue my adventures I had to find a way to make income. So eventually I did. It was by publishing books on kindle that I managed to create a monthly income that covers my monthly income and in this book I explain exactly how I do it. And trust me, if I can do then anybody can.?>
Gail Rae-Garwood has been a non-fiction writer for over 30 years, specializing in living with Chronic Kidney Disease for the last nine. Portal in Time, her first novel, is a love child born from her love of all things Victorian and writing. The most outstanding of all the new information Ms. Rae-Garwood learned while writing this book is that fiction is not only stranger than fact, it's harder to write. She lives with her husband of three years in Arizona where most of her children - all grown – also live. Gail is a former high school teacher in New York and college instructor in both New York and Arizona. Her favorite course to teach was Research Writing, which helped in researching 1885 Staten Island. Ms. Rae-Garwood is also a retired New York/Arizona actress. Her hobby is photography, a necessity for her SlowItDownCKD account on Instagram. You can learn more about Gail on her website at www.gail-raegarwood.com. ?>